Link to a Page

Let's create a new page, and link to it from our Index page. First, let's create a folder named Posts. Hit the + button at the bottom of the project sidebar, and select New folder. Alternatively, hit N.

New folder

Once created, make sure that the folder is selected in the sidebar, and hit the + button again, this time selecting New file (or hit N). Let's name our file My first post.

Your project should have the following structure:

Project structure

If you didn't create the new page in the Posts folder, you can simply drag it into the folder.

Motif uses file-based routing. This means that the route of a page is determined by its file name, and the folder it's in. Routes are lowercased, and spaces are replaced with dashes. For instance:

  • The Index page is associated with the / route.
  • The My First Post in the Posts is associated with the /posts/my-first-post route.

Now, back to our Index page, let's add a link to our new page. Links in Markdown are created using the [Label](url) syntax.

To make it easier to input, links can be created using the slash command /link, or using the K shortcut.

For pages belonging to the same project, we don't need to add the full page URL – we can simply add the route of the page. So the link to our new page can be of the form [My first post](/posts/my-first-post).

# Welcome to Motif!

[My first post](/posts/my-first-post)

In our new page, let's add the following content, with a link back to the home page:

# My first post

[Back home](/)

Next, let's change the layout of our posts page using a different template →

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