Track Page Views with Google Analytics and Optimize

A guide to adding Google Analytics and Optimize trackers to your pages.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is supported out of the box for tracking public page views.

Obtaining your tracking ID

If you haven't done so already, head over to your Google Analytics dashboard and create a new property for your website. Once created, you will obtain a tracking ID, which is either a Google Analytics 4 property, or for legacy configurations, a Universal Analytics property.

Adding the tracking ID to your project

Head over to the motif.json configuration file (open search using and type motif.json).

If you are using Google Analytics 4 properties, add an entry named gaMeasurementId, replacing G-XXXXXXXX with your tracking ID:

"gaMeasurementId": "G-XXXXXXXX",
"head": ["..."]

If you are using Universal Analytics properties, add an entry named gaTrackingId, replacing UA-XXXXXXXX with your tracking ID:

"gaTrackingId": "UA-XXXXXXXX",
"head": ["..."]

Google Optimize

Similarly to Analytics, Google Optimize works out-of-the-box. Head over to your Google Optimize dashboard and obtain a tracking code. In your motif.json configuration file, add the Optimize script to the head section, as follows:

"head": [
"<script src=''></script>"

replacing OPT-XXX with your tracking id. Google Optimize is now enabled across all the public pages of your project.